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some thoughts about punk rock..

Summer in Greece is such a great experience..not.

The heat outside is unbearable and I’m trapped inside a university with no lights

and a billion mosquitoes preying on my skin.

Alongside my existential issues, lately I’ve been thinking about the meaning of all this..Running a blog, playing music, going to shows.. Punk rock.

Is it plain lifestyle, where concerts turn into popularity contests and running blogs give you a prestige or something? I’m sure that is what it is for some people.

I’m not here to prove that I am a punk-rock-know-it-all, but I think that after 5 years of constant searching,reading and listening to all this shit I’ve figured what it means to me and what this whole thing really serves.

I used to be concerned about who is really punk and who’s a poser and meaningless crap like that, but I’ve come to realize that the real question is what has punk become and what it really means.

I consider punk to be the way to cope with all the shit around and I think of it as something that evolves through the decades and changes meaning all the time, which is why i think “no future” punks have no place in this scene at all.

It’s not about the way you dress, not about getting drunk and being stupid.

I believe that dressing in an unusual way used to make a statement, but nowadays we have all these stupid Lady Gagas that do it and make tons of money and don’t get me wrong I like getting shitfaced but we really need to have our minds in our heads, the times are too hard.

Punk is about unity&resistance,

a tool for spreading the word about injustice and the bastards that are trying to keep us down. 

Had it not been for punk, I wouldn’t have slightly understood the oppression and the beating of our lives.

So we have to keep it this way, we have to work together to keep a scene that is alive and becomes bigger as the time goes by.

We have to keep doing it ourselves, together and we should never exclude anyone from this whole thing for whatever reason (age, sex or whatever issues we have with them). 

(Source: observando)